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Hello everyone! My name is Janice Picking, and I have been a Clinical Nutritionist for over 30 years, helping hundreds of people overcome their health challenges. Here at Janice Picking's Nutrition & Wellness Center, we team up with you to implement a plan of action to help you achieve your best health! Through live blood analysis, nutritional counseling, DNA testing, and supplement recommendations, our aim is to pinpoint changes necessary for you to reach that goal!

Degrees and Certifications

I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Clinical Nutrition as well as a dual degree in Biochemistry from Penn State University. My post graduate studies in Sports Nutrition and Nutritional Biochemistry are from Penn state University and Bridgeport University. I am Certified in Darkfield and Live Blood Cell Microscopy, Autonomic Response Testing (ART), and in MethylGenetic Nutrition. 

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Nutritional Genetic Testing:

The Future of Healthcare!

Thanks to new advances in technology, a simple saliva test today can measure 602,000 pieces of your DNA. This is an important development because everyone has some level of genetic variation or defect in their DNA, even though it was once thought to be a rare occurance. Genetic variants can impact your ability to make and use different nutrients critical for circulatory, immune, and emotional health. Everyone is susceptible in their own unique way to potential health implications

The Practice of functional medicine is on the rise. You no longer have to treat symptom after symptom. Now you can get to the root causes of illnesses through genetic saliva testing. Understanding how DNA impacts human health is revolutionizing the future of medicine and nutrition. This practical forward-looking approach of supporting genetic variants is based on scientific evidence. This approach is helping people find answers to their health challenges like never before!

For more information on the science behind Nutritional Genetic Testing go to: Gettoknowyourdna.com

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